My Sugar Free Journey

My Sugar-Free journey

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago, that I got really serious about it and chose to be free of sugar for good. What I discovered, is that it took about 4 days for my body to physiologically be rid of its need for sugar. Then it took about a full month to be rid of the emotional need for sugar… a month!

In this time frame, it does get easier as you go, but you may still have pangs for sugar when you see Cakes and Things at special gatherings. I also noticed, that while I was fighting the cravings, physical and emotional, it seemed like I would be fighting them forever. Then once it was over, I wondered how it seems so difficult! seriously folks, it really does get easier, and you feel so free!

One big thing I am always trying to tell my dad (for helping him get healthier) is that you don’t have to do it all at once. For me, I needed to completely get rid of sugar, but for you it may not be the same. Our brains seem to be wired to revolt if we try too hard. This is unfortunate… I know for myself, and most people I know, we want to make a change and we want to do it all right now! Stepping in slowly with your toe in the water…  that’s for another blog post though! This post is about a single serious change that will make a big difference if you can just get through the first four days!

Then, something profound happened… I started feeling more responsible in general, I felt better even when I don’t get quite enough sleep… aaaaand I dropped about 10lbs. easy peasy! No struggling, it just fell off, because I wasn’t eating sugar anymore.

You’ve got this guys!… and may I recommend using Stevia in your coffee and tea to get you through! As a matter of fact, if you are not used to stevia, it may be a good idea to use it for a week or so before you start. That way if you are averse to the aftertaste, it will be gone by time you are ready to kick the sugar habit!

I promise it’s really worth it!

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